A W A R D    W I N N I N G    A R C H  I T E C T U R E,   I N T E R I O R    D e s i g n    A N D    P L A N N I N G

Project Information

Client: Chesapeake Public Charter School

Location: Lexington Park, MD

Scope: 76,000 SF, Master Planning


Master planning for a complete overhaul and transformation of an existing facility and grounds of an innovative K-8 school. Working closely to build consensus with the school’s stakeholders – the school’s Board of Director’s, administration, faculty, support staff, and education officials – in order to determine how the building and grounds could be re-purposed, re-organized, and re-imagined to better reflect the school’s progressive pedagogy and collaborative spirit. Special considerations include a phased implementation to ensure the school’s schedule and functions can continue uninterrupted and anticipating the future needs of an expanding student body.