A w a r d    W i n n i n g    A r c h i t e c t u r e,    I n t e r i o r    D e s i g n    a n d   P l a n n i n g


Ritter Norton Architects has designed numerous master planning and urban design projects including school campuses, mixed use town centers, residential community developments, and government compounds.

Our urban design and community planning goals follow the tenants of “New Urbanism” and “Smart Growth”, which look toward making new communities and rebuilding existing, more pedestrian-friendly communities. They don’t exclude the automobile, but they combine cars and people in a balanced way. This applies to street spaces of a certain dimension, sidewalks, street life, trees, lighting, benches and other elements of a city that promote excitement and communication among the residents. This combination promotes business and a true “downtown” to the benefit of all.


Project List

Chesapeake Public Charter School, Lexington Park, VA

Headquarters VCC, McLean, VA

Pentagon Pedestrian Plaza, Arlington, VA 

Pentagon Hazmat, Arlington, VA 

Pentagon Heliport, Arlington, VA 

Pentagon Motorpool, Arlington, VA 

Green Acres School, Rockville, MD

Cannery Village, Milton, DE

Village at Five Points, Lewes DE

Springfield CBC, Springfield, VA