A w a r d    W i n n i n g    A r c h i t e c t u r e,    I n t e r i o r    D e s i g n    a n d   P l a n n i n g

Post Office, Quantico VA 

Quantico, Virginia, is a small southern town where the post office is a de facto social center.  Recognizing this as an opportunity, the building was sited with its prominent entrance on axis with the Street, so that the building has an appropriate “presence” in the town.  For economy, the Postal Service asked for a straightforward box, without any projections and a flat roof. Mr. Ritter satisfied this request but used the natural requirements of the walls and roof – bearing blocks for the beams, scuppers to give architectural expression to the building.  Where the brick walls are not required for bearing, glass block panels are used to allow light into the interior. Thus, the architectural language becomes a play of “transparent” masonry offsetting the “opaque” masonry.








Northern Virginia Chapter AIA, Award for Excellence in Architecture, Quantico Post Office, Quantico, VA

The Masonry Institute, First Award, Quantico Post Office, Quantico, VA