A w a r d    W i n n i n g    A r c h i t e c t u r e,    I n t e r i o r    D e s i g n    a n d   P l a n n i n g

Sea Colony recreation Center, Bethany Beach DE

This 14,000 SF facility at a beach resort was built as a center for the community. It allows for active recreation as well as social and community meetings.  There is an indoor pool, sauna, spa, locker rooms, gym, and fitness room. A multipurpose room serves various social functions and is located for easy access to the outdoor pool deck and lobby; The outdoor pool was divided in two parts, one for swimming laps and one for general play. A small, shallow pool is provided for toddlers. Light is provided through large windows, glass block and skylights, so that every room has natural light.